1.11.2 and Twitch Update

So, first of all, we updated to 1.11.2, which puts us on the bleeding edge of obsolete. 1.12.1 is PROBABLY going to happen much sooner than 1.11.2 did after 1.10.2, but who knows. Don’t worry about that, just let me know if you run into any weird shit in your builds or bases and I will help you fix it. Everything should be pretty OK though.

In other news, Twitch updated the launcher again and changed their interface, so here’s how to navigate to get to where it matters:

Click ‘Mods’ in the top area of the launcher window:

Then click ‘Minecraft’:

… and that will bring you to your MC Modpacks. It’s pretty stupid, but it’s still way easier to manage a modpack than it was with Technic, so whatever. If you need to add IHTMYL, click ‘Browse All Modpacks’ and search for it.

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