New Default Options and Resource Pack

I’ve added a mod to sort out the default options for the modpack. The benefit of it being a mod is that it only triggers once and then leaves you alone, so you can set the options to whatever you want and subsequent updates won’t change that.

If you want the options and have run the pack before, I recommend resetting the pack via the technic launcher. Alternatively, go into the modpack’s folder and delete options.txt, optionsof.txt, and servers.dat.

Additionally, I’ve added a resource pack to the modpack itself that I highly recommend using. It’s called ItemBound, and it adds item camouflage for various things if you’re using OptiFine, which is now also included in the pack by default (again). Keep the resource pack at the top of the list. If you use the default options, it goes there automatically. Server resource packs were causing connection issues, so this is the best solution.

Of course, if you feel that you must, you can delete OptiFine. I know it causes performance issues for some.