Build Zone Made Easy

In my introductory posts I brought up the Build Zone a lot. It’s the area of the world map I can guarantee won’t get reset, should the need arise due to mods or whatever. Originally it was envisioned as a 1024 x 1024 area centered on Spawn (for reference: x 111 z 311) but upon looking at the map and playing for a week or so I don’t think 1024 x 1024 is enough area. So I’ve bumped it up to 2048 x 2048 centered on Spawn instead.

To make this easy, you can now see the border of the Build Zone on the map.

Spigot’s Back

The Spigot devs were bringing their A-Game last night apparently and that villager crash bug I found has already been fixed, so I’ve set us back up with Spigot and all the plugins listed in the initial post.

Same disclaimer applies; let me know if you find anything fucked up and I’ll fix it as soon as I can. Given that I’m a crazy person who apparently rebuilds Spigot from source and reuploads it over breakfast on a Tuesday morning, I’m guessing that will be relatively quickly.

1.9 is live!

We’re live with 1.9 Release! This means you should be using the latest release version in the vanilla launcher. We’re also running Spigot now which means plugins!

Currently we’ve got:

Check those links for info, especially the last two, which show the recipe. I didn’t test any of this (as usual) so let me know if you run into any trouble with stuff and I’ll fix it ASAP!