Cosmetic Items

Recently you may have noticed that the¬†client automatically downloads a resource pack from the server upon connecting (or at least it did it once or twice). That’s a server-specific resource pack I’m putting together, based on one called Blue Haven – Items. The pack enables some cosmetic options for items and equipment. It also adds some custom loot.

It’s all based on item names. You can change the name of any item you’re currently holding by using the /rename command. The command can handle spaces, so to change the name of your Diamond Axe to ‘Diamond Chainsaw,’ the command would be ‘/rename Diamond Chainsaw‘.

This applies to a lot of items. Everything you can do by default is documented here:

BH Items: Armor Guide

BH Items: Weapons Guide

BH Items: Tools Guide

BH Items: Food Guide

BH Items: Mob Drops Guide

BH Items: Fish Guide


I’ve added some other stuff of my own. You can, as mentioned, rename Iron and Diamond axes to ‘Iron Chainsaw’ or ‘Diamond Chainsaw’ respectively to get a chainsaw instead. You can also append ‘Invisible’ to any armor (i.e. Invisible Diamond Chestplate, Invisible Iron Helmet, etc.) to make it not show up for you.

You can also rename your Elytra if you have one to change its appearance when equipped. The options are:

  • Angel Elytra
  • Demon Elytra
  • Dragonfly Elytra
  • Eagle Elytra
  • Golden Beetle Elytra
  • Green Beetle Elytra
  • Purple Beetle Elytra
  • Green Dragon Elytra
  • Red Dragon Elytra
  • Greenwing Macaw Elytra
  • Phoenix Elytra


To make use of any of this, you need to have Optifine installed. The easiest way to get it is by using the Technic Modpack tailored to the server.

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