1.9 is live!

We’re live with 1.9 Release! This means you should be using the latest release version in the vanilla launcher. We’re also running Spigot now which means plugins!

Currently we’ve got:

Check those links for info, especially the last two, which show the recipe. I didn’t test any of this (as usual) so let me know if you run into any trouble with stuff and I’ll fix it ASAP!

What the Hell is This

That’s what you’re probably asking right now. It’s a valid question! Allow me to explain.

Up to this point, IHTMYL has been about kitchen sink modpacks. But let me tell you something about those; I’m fucking sick of them. I’m sick of making them and having them crash all the time, I’m sick of the server and client being unable to connect for no good reason, I’m sick of diagnosing issues, I’m sick of constant updates… the list goes on. I and everyone else are also sick of the game taking like 30 minutes to load. So I’m taking the server in a new direction with some changes.

First I’m addressing a common concern of persistence. Up till now each update meant a new world. Sometimes, if, say, mods don’t fucking update to a new version for two goddamn years, it means multiple world resets. Moving forward there won’t be resets to the ENTIRE world, just the outer regions. To start with, I’m establishing what I’m calling the Build Zone. It will be 1024 x 1024 blocks (64 x 64 chunks) centered around spawn. Basically this area will persist between iterations. I will try to replace any mod blocks (if any) with vanilla equivalents between iterations, but stuff may vanish if it’s not from vanilla. Fair warning.

The area outside of the Build Zone is the Reset Zone. It will be deleted and remade with each iteration moving forward. It will also be periodically reset just because. So, don’t build there if you want your shit to stick around. It’s also where you will find mod ores and resources, if there are any.

Basically the server will move through two phases per iteration: Vanilla and Modded. The Reset Zone will be where the modded hotness is, and the Build Zone will be where your creations can persist.

So, right now, we’re running Vanilla 1.9 pre 4. That’s technically a snapshot, you can find out how to run it from this MC Wiki Article. But that’s just till tomorrow (Monday the 29th) when 1.9 will be released officially! Then you just need the latest version. And yes, this means you just need to use the regular old Minecraft Launcher… for the moment.

Here’s my plan:

  1. Vanilla. We’re at this phase. Go and build in peace, my child.
  2. Plugins. Once Spigot is released I will add what plugins I can. I plan on adding at least Towny, McMMO, and Essentials. This should be later in the week.
  3. Clientside mods. When modding catches up to 1.9, I will make a small pack of clientside mods. It will be at least a minimap of some kind and Inventory Tweaks. No idea when this will be, but it will be early into Forge’s 1.9 lifecycle.
  4. Server side mods?? Once modding REALLY catches up, we’ll introduce some bigger mods… but not many. My goal is to keep it under 20. And again, this would have an impact mainly on the Reset Zone. This will probably be way later in Forge’s 1.9 lifecycle.

So, that’s it! Please to enjoy, and expect plugin support to come in the next week or so.