Mods Mods Mods

Time for mods! This time we’re entering a brave new (?) world of Forge only, no Spigot, and maybe Sponge later.

That means you need the modpack to play now.

Here’s a full mod list with little descriptions. I tried to maintain the plugin functionality we already had wherever I could.

  • Bagginses – Backpacks with 2 Tiers, also a Void Bag for deleting items.
  • Baubles – Equippable accessory system.
  • Chest Transporter – Move chests and storage drawers.
  • CraftTweaker – Custom recipe system
  • Disenchanter – Remove enchantments
  • Fortune Ores – Ore blocks drop multiple chunks, which smelt into 1 ingot normally. Get more with the Fortune enchantment.
  • Furnus – Adds an upgradable furnace and pulverizer. They both use coal.
  • Hammerz – Adds hammers which mine in a 3×3 square. Perfect for tunnelling.
  • Inventory Tweaks – Sort inventory, etc. An old standby.
  • Iron Chests – Tiered chests with higher capacities. Another old standby.
  • Just Enough Items – Look up item recipes and uses.
  • Just Enough Resources – Adds functionality to JEI to let you see loot tables and mob drops.
  • Just Jetpacks – Redstone powered (as in they literally consume redstone) jetpacks. Don’t actually USE stone or wooden ones, they explode.
  • Lemon’s Simple Teleporters – Teleporters that use eyes of ender as their main ingredient.
  • Mine Menu – Radial customizable menu.
  • More Anvils – Gold and Diamond anvils which have a higher EXP cost cap in case you have to repair a tool you’ve had forever.
  • More Overlays – Light level and chunk boundary overlays.
  • Multi-Storage – More storage options like junk drawers and camoflaged storage boxes.
  • OptiFine – Performance tweaks and MCPatcher functionality.
  • Quark – A bunch of tweaks meant to augment the vanilla experience.
  • Reliquary – Powerful, helpful accessories that are expensive but pay off.
  • Schematica – In-game schematic viewer, allows you to build from 3D blueprints should you so desire.
  • Simple Dimensions – Dimension manager, currently used for DUNGEON WORLD.
  • Simple Magnets – Adds a magnet item and magnet ring that pull items to you. You can equip the ring as a bauble.
  • Soul Shards – The Old Ways – DIY mob spawners.
  • Storage Drawers – Barrel equivalents with different capacities. They also look nice.
  • Thut’s Elevators – Actual working elevators.
  • VeinMiner – Mine multiple blocks at once. Sneak to activate.
  • WAILA – Tooltips for what you’re pointing at.
  • WorldEditCUI (WorldEdit pending) – Client UI for WorldEdit. WorldEdit isn’t actually… added yet. But it will be!
  • Xaero’s Minimap – It’s a minimap.